Fragile Home at Amar Gallery for EVE exhibition, 2018
Straight out of studio, my new work Fragile Home is going on a group exhibition this month at Amar Gallery in London. 

Sonja Brass, Renee Cox, Guerrilla Girls, Mekhala Bahl, Jenna Burchell, Antony Gormley. 

23rd January - 23rd March 2018

Amar Gallery is proud to present Eve, an upcoming exhibition of contemporary art that celebrates the female form and the fateful origins of womanhood. Incorporating mythical themes from the Genesis story – with particular focus on The Fall, heavenly wrath, nature and rebellion - Eve brings together a collection of drawings, installations and photographs inspired by nature’s first heroine, as well as showcasing female empowerment within the context of modern society. 

Find out more at

Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind) at Cape Town Art Fair, 2017
The final five unique artworks from my Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind) collection will be on exhibition at the Cape Town Art Fair, 2017. Come visit me at the Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery Booth C6. I'll be exhibiting the largest rock in the collection with its deep and sombre voice. Here's a secret for those of you who are reading this - if you make all five rocks sing at the same time they will resonate harmonically. This is probably the only chance you'll get to experience this before they find their new homes. 

See you there!

Cape Town Art Fair,
17 - 19 February 2017
Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

Friday 17 Feb: 11am - 7pm
Saturday 18 Feb: 11am - 7pm
Sunday 19 Feb: 11am - 7pm

Get your tickets at

Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind) at FNB Joburg Art Fair, 2016
Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind) will be a Gallery Solo Project this year at FNB Joburg Art Fair, 2016 with Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery. 

9 - 11 September 2016

Continuing to surprise art audiences, Jenna Burchell’s latest sound installation literally sings - haunting songs of ancient place and time. Works created through a research residency at Nirox, specifically for the Winter Sculpture Fair, demonstrate the artist’s technical skill and unique ability to connect and affect.

Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind) repairs ancient, fractured rocks following a method based on the Japanese art and philosophy of Kintsukuroi. By combining this golden repair with technology and sound, songsmith resonate when touched. This allows each rock to sing of the land wherein it has existed for millennium. Their song is generated from the raw electro-magnetic readings captured from beneath each rock’s original resting place in the Cradle of Humankind. Each songsmith acts as a talisman imbued by a place in time, connecting the present with the site’s ancient history as the birthplace of mankind.

Address: Sandton Convention Center, 161 Maude St, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Friday 09 September 11h00 - 20h00
Saturday 10 September 10h00 - 19h00
Sunday 11 September 10h00 - 17h00 Feature on 'The Singing Rocks'
Local online artist platform posted a feature on my 'Singing Rocks' - so nick named by the audience at Winter Sculpture Fair. Have a quick read here. 

Business Day Tv Interview
Business Day TV and I sat down to a short chat for their video series that centers around the world of the arts and in doing so introduces viewers to South African personalities and artists making their mark both locally and abroad. It showcases and assesses various initiatives that have been launched by the private sector and examines the central issues and points of debate that exist around business and the arts. Interesting themes the series addressed are for example, art as a corporate investment; supporting the arts when looking at a project as a social responsibility or a real reward; strategic sponsorship or the "art" of business conversation.

ENCA News Interview
ENCA New's Lindiwe Sithole caught up with me for a quick interview about my work Songsmith(Cradle of Humankind) at the Winter Sculpture Fair, 2016. Broadcast on the 9th of May, 2016. 

Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind): Winter Scultpure Fair
Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind) opens this weekend (7th and 8th May) at the Winter Scultpure Fair in the beautiful eden of Nirox Sculpture Park.  Come visit me by my artwork. On the map I can be found at number 6. 

This years Winter Sculpture Fair, titled A Place In Time considers contemporary sculpture practice within a human tradition. The exhibition presents over 40 new sculptures by artists from Africa, Europe and the USA created in response to this highly significant environment. A Place in Time is curated by Helen Pheby PhD, Senior Curator at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, in collaboration with Mary-Jane Darroll.  

Just a few notes for those of you joining us at the Fair:

- Please wear comfortable shoes, as the Nirox grounds are large and we'd love you to explore the sculptures on show. 

- Remember that there will be NO TICKETS for sale at the door. They are just about sold out, but if you're quick you may be able to find a few online, so please check and book before you drive through. 

- No food or drink can be brought into the Fair as our Franschhoek chefs and winemakers will have wonderful meals and wines on sale at the marketplace

Bangor Cathedral Songsmith

Listen to Bangor Cathedral Songsmith

The Bangor Cathedral Songsmith sings a story that goes back to the 6th century when a simple wooden fence was built around a small monastery. This fence was called a bangor. Around this bangor a small community began to grow. Today the Cathedral sits at the heart of what is now called Bangor city.

The walls of the Cathedral are soaked in the prayers and song of the thousands who have visited over the centuries. Although layered with a long and rich history there is a modern vibrancy about the Cathedral that comes from the bustling city center. This story is told by the current Canon, Canon Dr. David Fisher. His voice is stirred into a composition including the Bangor Cathedral Youth Choir, an ancient pontifical that resides inside the Cathedral sung by Joseph Harper, and sounds from the city center.

Fittingly this Songsmith repairs a crack found in the Cathedral’s historical boundary wall. It can be found nearby the stepped entrance to the Bangor Cathedral adjacent to a lively pub called The Castle.

Contributors: Canon Dr. David Fisher (narrator), Joseph Harper (song), Bangor Cathedral congregation (song), Bangor Cathedral Youth Choir (song), Eve Butler (narrator), June Marshell (narrator).

Garth Pier Songsmith

Listen to the Garth Pier Songsmith 

The Garth Pier Songsmith can be found at the end of the pier, in the last pavilion on the right, as a repair of thirteen missing shingles on the pavilion roof skirting.

The pier, opened in 1896, is today one of the three finest surviving piers in Great Britain. It was very popular in the past but now it stands in disrepair, facing an uncertain future. The Garth Pier Songsmith sings a song of memories, moments and stories of the characters and events that connect to the pier over time.

In many ways the pier is a magical place, a place where the past can be felt in the present. Experiences change on the pier as does the weather, sometimes it’s happy, sometimes its sad, it depends who is coming to the pier and what the pier means to them. It tends to steel your heart either way.

This story is composed from Burchell’s encounters with the local store and tea-room keepers on the Pier, the seven past mayors of Bangor City and musicians, composers and singers who’s work has been inspired by the pier.

Contributors: John Martin (Mayor of Bangor city 1998/2001), Doug Madge (2006/2013), Doreen Madge, Derek Hainge (1998/2007), Eve Butler (1995/2015), June Marshell (2003), Keith Marshell (1996), Mared Emlyn (harp), Wyn Thomas (narrator), Terry Thomas (narrator, guitar and song), Caenwen (narrator), Hedd Thomas (Composer Si hei lwli’ mabi), Bangor University Chamber Choir (song).

Bangor University Songsmith

Listen here: Bangor University Songsmith

Bangor University Songsmith can be found on ‘lonely lane’, a foot-path against the boundary wall of the Bangor University Business School building. It sings a song of memory, memory that stretches back into the birth of the university. It traces the oral history of the slate miners in Bethesda who gave a portion of their small wage every month to build the university so that their children could have a better life than they did.

These were no ordinary men; among them, despite their circumstance, they formed choirs and became poets, musicians and writers. The story is told through a child of the miners, the Welsh actor John Ogwen, university composers and musicians, the Penrhyn Male Voice Choir, and current Music Lecturer Wyn Thomas.

To this day the city’s life pulse is inextricably entwined with the university and in turn with music, poetry and writers; a true testimony to this kind act in a time of hardship. It is also a reminder of the power of how a small gesture, done by a few, can change the course of the future a hundred years later.

Audio Contributors: Penrhyn Male Voice Choir, John Ogwen (narrator), Wyn Thomas (narrator), Mared Emlyn (Harpest), Bangor University Chamber Choir (song), Bethan Parry (research), Ben Agenten (Cornett), Hedd Thomas (Composer Si hei lwli’ mabi).

Songsmith (Bangor) Official Website Archive - Goes Live to Public
If you weren't a Bangor resident or you missed the exhibition of Songsmith (Bangor) this February you havn't missed out completely. Soundlands has opened the official website for Songsmith (Bangor) to the public: . You can now listen to each songsmith online. 

Two-Vivid Productions Interview on Art15
Two-Vivid Productions sat down with me at Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery in London after Art15 closed to create this really unusual interview about Homing, 'the memory harp' exhibited as a special project at Art15. They were so comfortable to work with and the result is a really honest, natural interview that I feel really privileged to have been captured in. Their production style looks into the individuals behind works of art and I think they really caught that here.

Grab your 5min coffee break and have a looksie here:

JB - 10 February 2016

Songsmith (Bangor) Flyers Now Available
Some gorgeous A3 booklet flyers can be found around Bangor City this month thanks to the Songsmith commissioning agent Soundlands. Grab one to locate the Songsmiths on your walking tour. 

JB - 8 February 2016

Songsmith (Bangor) Opens Today in Bangor, Wales
Songsmith opens today in Bangor, Wales and runs until the 29th of February. Here is a little invitation in the Bangor Chronicles: 

"Three unique audio-visual art installations are being 'hidden' across Bangor. 'Songsmith' by South African artist Jenna Burchell will discover forgotten cracks in Bangor's architecture. Her aural and visual work will inhabit cracks, fissures and objects across the city from February 8 to 29. Her sound art will be found outside Bangor Cathedral at the boundary wall by the front entraces, at Bangor University on the corner of College Lane and Siliwen Road and in the last pavilion at the end of Garth Oier. The cracks, fractures and gaps found int he walls have been 'mended' with a sound instrument called a songsmith. Each songsmith has a unique QR code nearby which allows visitors to reveal site-specific audio soundscapes via their smartphones. Full instructions on how to activate the QR codes is available at" - Bangor Chronicle, Thursday, February 4, 2016, page 11. 

New Public Art Commission Opening Dates confirmed

My new public art commission, Songsmith, will be open from the 8th - 29th of Feb 2016 in Bangor City, Wales, UK. 

For Songsmith, I discovered forgotten cracks in Bangor's architecture and filled them with sound art. Three cracks, fractures and gaps found in the walls, objects and streets of Bangor have been 'mended' with a sound instrument called a songsmith. Each songsmith has a unique QR code nearby which allows visitors to reveal site-specific audio soundscapes via their smartphones.

These exquisite fractures are chosen for their age-long histories and rich narratives, they tell of the beauty of life despite complications and imperfections. To artistically repair the cracks, I created unique casts following a method loosely based on the Japanese art and philosophy of Kintsukuroi - repairing broken crockery with golden lacquer in order to appreciate the objects new beauty and visible history. During my month-long residency in Bangor, I collected 'aural ballads' through my encounters with local people. These ballads tell the stories of everyday citizens as they reveal stories of home, land, memory and culture unique to each songsmith site.

JB - 7 January 2016

Video recap of FNB Joburg Art Fair 2015

Here is a cool video recap of what is happening at this years FNB Joburg Art Fair. Its going to be a fresh show thanks to the Art Logic team and the unique curatorial voice of Lucy Mcgarry. Find out more at

My new work, The Narrators, will be on exhibition as one of the Gallery Solo Projects presented by Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery. I speak briefly about it in during the video along side other artists, Turiya Magadlela, Kieron Jina, Jemma Kahn and Roberto Pombo to name a few. 

Thanks @10and5 and FNB Joburg Art Fair for the fun interview.

10 Young African Artists You Should Know - Artsy Review
I'm truly humbled to be featured along side such talented artists in Africa in this article by Artsy. Read it Here

"Burchell’s technological aptitude and craft as a sculptor are a given; what is most striking is her use of sound to create an impressionistic record of place and memory." - Artsy 2015

Histories That Resonate - Interview with Between 10and5. 
I was recently interviewed by the lovely Layla Lieman about my upcoming solo project at FNB Joburg Art Fair 2015. Layla's questions got me speaking about what it is like being the producer of these experimental artworks that collide art, technology and people. There is also some 'what it all means' included. Hot off the press. Get your coffee and glasses on and Click HERE.

- JB 26 August 2015

RSG (Radio without borders) Interview 
RSG a local Afrikaans radio station in South Africa caught up with me at the media launch for the JHB Art Fair 2015. Have a listen and catch some insights into my thought process behind my work. 

Click Here to listen.

Soundscape of Homing Played At Art15, London

In the early morning when it was ghostly silent, a rare experience was recorded inside the Olympia. Have a listen to this recording of the immersive, interactive instrument Homing being played by a beautiful young lady, Cleo Stringer, with brief guest appearances made by Phillip Karjerker and the artist Isabelle Grobler.

These sounds come from Capetown, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Grahamstown and London. They swirl into a beautiful soundscape of life as Cleo walks through the strings and touches them. Art15, London, 2015. 

Unexpected Encounters - Penrhyn Male Voice Choir
I was really honoured to meet the Penrhyn Male Voice Choir to capture a song that they performed for my new public art commission: Songsmith. The choir's history is seeped in song and forms a tragically beautiful tale of the history of the Bethesda Slate miners. These miners, paid in pennies, donated a portion of their salaries every month towards the establishment of the Bangor University so that their children could have a better life. This story forms part of the Songsmith found on the University of Bangor campus... keep your eyes out for it going up over the next week.

-JB 2015/06/20

After days and nights of sitting outside in the cold, wet weather sculpting the repairs on three unique sites around Bangor city, I finally took studio residence at Platfform @ TOGY. There I was met with warmth and support just when I needed it the most. The first songsmiths were broken out their molds and I got a glimpse of what they will look like...

-JB 2015/06/20

Bangor City, Wales. 
A day after Art15 closed I jumped onto a backwards train to the city of Bangor in Wales. I've never travelled facing the wrong way before and hope to not make that mistake again. It did bring to mind some interesting existential questions about time, place and life which is exactly the tone of my new commission work in Wales.

Earlier this year I was awarded the Soundlands commission to produce new public sound art in Bangor city. The project is entitled Songsmith. Songsmith is a liminal project that exists temporarily in the streets of the city. Read more about the commission here.  Watch this space, Twitter and Facebook for more information as this project unfolds.

-JB 2015/06/02

Art15 is a Wrap.
Art15 has come to a close and it was an intense few days of many beautiful people. Homing was noted in the top spot by Artnet as a highlight of the art fair and as a 'I wish I thought of that' on After-Nyne blog. Also take a look at some of the responses to Homing in London via my Twitter feed @jennaburchell and keep your eyes out for my interview on Bloomberg TV.

I had some inspiring conversations and moments that couldn't have existed if I didn't have the constant support of my assistents Phillip Karjeker and Cleo Stringer. They treated every viewer to a smile and a story. I want to extend a massive thanks to them and to Art15 for understanding my need of them.  Homing is now officially packed into its crate and ready to move on to the next desitination.

Stay in contact with me by signing up to my news letter or joining my facebook page to keep updated about Homing's next exhibition. 

-JB 2015/05/24

Homing's Debut in London, Art15. 
I designed Homing with the mind that it would be interacted with by two people at a time, or more if there were an accord between the participants. Of course there are such moments of interaction, but something else happens at the opening of a major international art fair…
With thousands of visitors interacting, Homing unfolds a very intense soundscape of many individual sounds. Of course when you open a platform to free expression and interaction one must be prepared to let go of intentions and witness some rather cacophonous moments. However it is also during times like these that the work becomes an interesting study of human behavior as it starts to reveal patterns of common interaction. In this complex buzz of entanglement between viewers boundaries are dropped, personal space vaporizes, high heals, dread locks, Chinese, African or Saxon, an idea of the world’s complex song starts to unfold.
Often people don't realise how much work happens behind the scenes of an international art fair. I would just like to mention how incredibly grateful I am for the magic Christian Sulger-Buel and Tamzin Lovell for their support, passion and vision. Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery has shown that they are not afraid to take risks. I'm so fascinated to be a part of their journey along side the phenomenal Isabelle Grobler - Artist. We worked long and late hours under an incredibly tight schedule together but at last Homing is up and ready for Art15. 

-JB 2015/05/20

Was That Mars? The Geographers at AfrikaBurn
WOW, what an exhilarating experience AfrikaBurn was. No amount of preparation will prepare you for soldering at 1am in the freezing desert on hard rock that just took five men and one powerful impact hammer four hours to earth 200mm of steel into the ground with precision. My mind wonders at what kind of alien planet the Karroo desert is and how similar it may be to mars. Through the sweat, sleep depravation, heatstroke and freezing knees we installed the first beta of The Geographers in time for the burn. Take a look at the newly loaded project here. 

- JB 2015/05/06

Homing Migrates to the United Kingdom. 
When I created Homing I built into it many layers of meaning and levels of access. I did this because I believe that art needs to be accessible and didactic to a wide range of audience from young to old, lay to academic, culture to culture. Some may just encounter it as a quick bit of fun and leave with a smile, others may stay a bit longer and realise the potential of meaning it holds, and even fewer will start to unpack its deeper meanings by stepping back and witnessing its unfolding metadata. All these layers of meaning making are valuable to me as an artist, however, I often don’t have the time to write down the experience that Homing has been to me and what some of those deeper metadata layers are. This post isn’t one of those digestible moments of clarity, but I hope it could spark some deeper thinking in you.
Looking back at the 2014 South African tour of Homing, I’ve encountered thousands of beautiful people, caught a glimpse of their lives, and been privileged to experience the places that they call home.  During this tour the project sought to encourage interaction and cultural exchange through art by offering a platform for people to come together and share a wealth of vibrant cultures, differences and similarities that exists in South Africa. However the deeper heart of this platform only truly manifests itself when the project encounters ‘foreign’ soil.
I’m pleased to announce after a year of incubation in South Africa and months of hard work alongside the passionate Sulger-Buel-Lovell Gallery, that 2015 will mark a new international chapter of Homing’s travels. Homing will debut at Art15 London Art Fair in the United Kingdom in May. Supported as a Special Project of Art15, Homing will continue its methodology of collection, archive and exhibition in London. This will begin an interesting exchange between the two countries as Homing’s South African aural ballad is exhibited alongside a newly collected London soundscape.

I’m truly looking forwards to this unique experience and curious to see how it unfolds.

-JB 2015/03/22

New Work on the Desert Horizon. 
Each year Afrika Burn attracts thousands of individuals to an extreme landscape for a few days of sanded existence to experience something unique. I'm excited to announce that this year, as part of a grant received from Afrika Burn, I will be living and working along side these 9000 beautiful characters in the Karroo dessert to produce a new artwork entitled The Geographers.

The Geographers
 investigates the socio-emotional landscape of the AfrikaBurn community. During AfrikaBurn I will be following a 7day journey interviewing and audio capturing the story of how the residents of this temporal village navigate their understanding of love, home, land and cultural belonging both during and after their stay. The Geographers appear as three mirror finished, gold-steel columns installed in the desert of Twanka Town, far out where it is quiet. Each column contains a delicately composed audio story that is based on the results of the audio investigation. The Geogaphers can be played with a simple touch by the residents. This interaction creates a journey for the residents to experience and discover for themselves what the results of the investigation are and what the message of the project is. In tune with this years theme, The Gift, this project offers the gift of a platform for individuals to connect to each other and share their stories.

See you in the desert! 

- JB 2015/03/20

Back In Studio
Being back in studio is an incredible thing. After a year of touring Homing, I've missed this place. I muse about in a space filled with ideas, half baked, half designed, half invented, floating about above my head. Now and then I grab one and pull it down to my desk, tease it apart and look at its insides. Does it have heart? Does it have a message? Can it make what is fundamental to the local (me), relevant to the universal (you)? Can it touch people in ways that make a difference to them? I mull over these questions, piecing together new thoughts and adding mass to their structures. If only there was enough time to build them all, if only there was a means to build them all, if only, if only. This is my favourite part of creating. 

- JB 2015/01/04

Behind the Scenes of Homing- Video
Whilst Homing was at Lovell Gallery in Capetown the Gallery invited video guru Scott Gilfillan to catch some insites into Homing's installation, message and opening event. Take a 3min coffee break and have a look by clicking here. 

A special thanks to Tamzin Lovell and the Gallery team; Alvia, Kefiloe and Brenden for hosting this event and for producing this video. 

Homing draws in over 2300 viewers at National Arts Festival
Homing was incredibly well received at the National Arts Festival. There were smiles, laughs, tears and some inspiring conversations and debates. Thank you so much for your warm welcome, especially to the city for their willingness to work with me. 

Take a look at some of the reviews received during the festival;

- Business Day, Children, adults and Cabinet Ministers. 10 July 2014. Click here to read online. 
- Cue, Sounds From Home, 7 July 2014. Click here to read online.
- The Star, Evocative Soundscapes and Flights of Fancy, 15 July 2014. Click here to read online. 
- Archetype Online Magazine, Homing, 
19 July 2014. Click here to read online.

Homing opens at National Arts Festival, Grahamstown. 
Homing opened its doors today at National Arts Festival, Grahamstown. The show will run from 3 - 13th July everyday from 09h00 - 17h00. Walkabouts: 5 July 12h00 / 7 July 14h00 / 10 July 10h00. 

On the strings are two unique soundscapes, one from Pretoria and one from Grahamstown. The Pretoria soundscape is processed by A Skyline on Fire and the Grahamstown soundscape is processed with local muso Sebastian Jamieson. Come visit and explore! 

Debut Solo Show at Grahamstown National Art Festival
After months of waiting, I can officially announce my first Solo Show entitled 'Homing' which will open at the Grahamstown National Art Festival as part of the main programme running 3rd - 13th of July. 

The unique soundscape of Grahamstown will be recorded and collected with the local community two weeks prior to the festival.  Some of these memories, conversations and ambient sounds are heard raw, others processed into intricate musical tones. These sounds will be exhibited along side another unique soundscape of Johannesburg/Pretoria which was recorded late last year. 

The travelling project Homing encourages audiences to talk about what home means to them in the context of diaspora.  It is an opportunity to move diverse people to interact and exchange stories, embracing the differences and similarities that unite South Africans. This meticulously hand-built interactive environment has been designed to be an accessible and exciting meeting of contemporary art, sound and live interactive participation.

I will be present at 3 walkabouts during this time, please come and visit. There is so much I want to share with you. 

Find more info under Upcoming Exhibitions on my website. 

New Performance Art: The Return
Its been a while but it is time to work on one of the mediums that always surprises me. I never thought I would work as a performing artist, but I have learnt that art will take you where your visual language will go. 

So here I am.. a new performance project on the books called 'The Return'. Keep your eyes on this space, the project will reveal itself in 3 phases: Archival Prints from studio, an Art Video in no mans land and finally Live Performance with a perspex box.

Sound interesting to you? Then please join my mailng list so that I can keep you in the loop. Or see it first by liking my Facebook page: 

Business Day TV Interview
Take a look at a short clip about the Ithuba Arts Fund and Homing filmed by Business Day TV. Click here... 

A Skyline on Fire 
< CF mastering the sound on the Homing instrument the weekend before opening. 

The intriguing duo, CF and Werner from A Skyline on Fire were the audio processors on this project. We programmed each of the 126 strings uniquely with their own sounds... there are children laughing, birds flapping, storms brewing, airplanes, gautrains, conversations, singing and musical instruments... to name a few. They have been kept raw, distorted into something other and at times made completely musical... Go explore them this month at Ithuba Arts Gallery!

Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 100 Juta Street, Braamfontein, JHB. 

Check out A Skyline on Fire by clicking here

Walk About at Ithuba Art Gallery
Come join me on the 9th of November 6 - 8pm at Ithuba Arts Gallery, 100 Juta Street, Braamfontein, JHB. 

For those of you who couldn't make the opening and for those who took a special interest in this project - this is for you. Ithuba Gallery has arranged a unique time for you to come and spend a quiet moment with the interactive artwork Homing. Come play to your hearts content with me at hand to answer any of your questions. I will also be revealing some of the process that went into building this art piece behind the scenes.


Behind the Scenes of the project Homing
It was an incredibly journey to design, develop and build Homing over the last year. New documentary photographs of the process behind building Homing are now uploaded. Take a look artworks>homing>development photographs to experience this journey with us. 

Homing Project has a dedicated set of strings to the pianist Marelize Koch
The extraordinary piano sounds of Homing were contributed by Marelize Koch. If you ever have the chance to see her perform, please do! She plays with incredible skill and passion. Come listen to it tomorrow evening at the first opening of Homing! 

The interactive instrument Homing is up and running at the Ithuba Arts Gallery. Heres a sneak peak. 

Join me at the opening event by clicking here

31st October, 6pm, Ithuba Arts Gallery. 

Ithuba Arts Fund Award

Jenna Burchell has been awarded sponsorhsip from the Ithuba Arts Fund to create and exhibit her new artwork 'Homing'.

‘Homing’ encourages audiences to talk about the notion of home in the context of diaspora - something experienced by many South African families. This involves an interactive exhibit of hundreds of copper strings stretched from floor to ceiling. Each string has an audio artifact assigned to it that plays when touched by hand. Audio is collected in collaboration with local community members and professionals, expressing both raw and musical abstracts captured during this process. This forest of lines can be walked through, touched, listened to and played like an instrument, resulting in audience-performed aleatoric sound compositions. Burchell’s new work deals with the preservation power of technologies, as well as their destructive force in aspects of home, relationships and land.

Click here for more info or visit


Turbine Art Fair 2013
Urban Wetlands has been installed into one of the three remaining turbine hollows at the Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johnnesburg for the Turbine Art Fair as part of the Lovell Gallery stand. Please join me for the opening tonight (26/07/2013) at 6:30pm or over the weekend 27-28 July 2013 from 11am - 6pm. It promises to be a very exciting venue with some gorgeous artworks for sale. 

Turbine Hall, 65 Ntemi Piliso Street, Newtown, JHB. 
Purchase tickets at the door or online.

For more info visit


Re-Engineering Exhibition opening
Join me at the opening of Digi Re-Engineering exhibition on the 9th March 2013, 12:30 at the UNISA Art Gallery. 

The interactive installations Lilies and Urban Wetlands will be on show only side some interesting artworks exploring art and technologies. 


New FaceBook Page
Link through to > > to be a part of the Facebook page. Direct link on the footer of this page.


New Voices Opening Tonight
Come and have a glass of wine with us. 


New Voices Exhibition Opening
Next week sees the opening of the exhibition New Voices, an exhibition in Johannesburg, Rosebank. Come and see on exhibition two Jenna Burchell artworks, 'Urban Wetlands' and 'If These Walls Could Talk'. 

The artwork team has done a technical upgrade on Urban Wetlands. This artwork now functions as a demonstration model for interested buyers. It is completely customizable to fit your taste and space. Buy as few or as many squares (900 x 900mm) of the artwork as you like and decide on your own light quantities. We're happy to sit down with you and plan how to best suit your vision and budget. 

Keep an eye out for Urban Wetlands playful 'sparkle' mode, especially through the windows of Artspace Gallery at night in a playful festive season jest. 

Looking forward to seeing you there. 


Urban Wetlands Beta Launch
Earlier this year we built the first concept beta of the project Urban Wetlands. It launched alongside world wetlands day at a local gallery in Pretoria. Urban Wetlands is now under further construction to enhance its protocols and sensitivity to interaction.

Our primary goal with this project at the present is to raise funding to expand its size to create a life size field of reeds that can be walked through and interacted with. To read more about this artwork and its functionality click on artworks>Urban Wetlands. If you are interesting in funding this project please refer to the contact section and get in touch with Jenna Burchell.